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9th-Dec-2005 09:38 am(no subject)
The Twelve Days of Christmas
for chickadilly87:
Day #Who?What they got you
1steasternhighA Barbie
2ndbdevilboy88Sea Monkeys
3rdrosiegigglesA dented bucket of lead paint
4th_fallsapartYour neighbour's welcome mat
5thfaithrevealedA faux fur fedora
6ththe_salYour own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
7thblackroverSome straw to roll around in
8ththe_salHooker boots
9thf14crazyA Sigmund Freud action figure
10ththe_salA magical fairy that only you can see
11theasternhighA Turkish passport
12thblackteamAn unsolvable Rubik’s cube
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29th-Nov-2005 03:19 am(no subject)
So, it's really really late or really early, depending on how you look at it, and I'm awake. This sucks. So I'm sitting here jumping from page to page on the internet trying to find something interesting to do while watching the second LOTR and wishing I looked like Liv Tyler.

Hmm, interesting. Usually tons of deep thoughts come to me late at night, but right now I don't have a single one. So much for this attempt at boredom busting. Oh well, I'm starting to get tired again anyways. I think I'll post this entry into a community, since I haven't posted in any in a while. I'm such a slacker. Actually, no one has posted in any of my communities in a while. So I'm not the only slacker. Nice to know you're not alone sometimes in your faults.

Goodnight, happy holidays, and all that good stuff.

Damn, I wish I looked like Liv...
3rd-Sep-2005 12:14 pm(no subject)
Well, it looks like I'm going to Cedar Point tomorrow with Dustin and Sara. It's about time I get to go again. We used to go every year, but then my parents no longer had an interest in rides, so we just stopped going and I haven't been back since 8th grade. Even then, it sucked because I went with my friend who swore she loved roller coasters, but when we got there the only roller coaster she would ride was the Mine Ride. Talk about pathetic. I had such a bad time. This time should be much better.

Ashley finally moved out. I think I might end up seeing if I can move in with her. But that will be after I find a job. Right now, though, I'm more concerned about my classes than finding a job. I don't want to get behind, especially with all the problems I always have during the school year.

I'm going to help teach junior band with Alissa at the S.A. That should be kinda fun. Since I don't know how to play brass instruments, I'm going to be teaching the recorder to the younger ones who don't get the music theory all that well. Now I just have to look up the notes an fingerings to the recorder, 'cause it's been a loooong time since I've played one.
25th-Aug-2005 01:39 pm(no subject)
this hott guy

i figure its easier to comment on someones journal if i write one of my own. i just read kendras journal. and there is alot of truth to it but heres the thing. religion does cause conflict, but so does everything else. the conflict starts when people babble about whats true and whats not and in reality no one knows whats true. no one knows what god wants them to do with there life all they can do is just guess. sure the bible says this and that but the bible was written by somebody who interpreted what jesus said. when you get to many ppl doin that then u get conflict. now god is bigger than that. what really needs to happen is we need to figure out what is the reason we have religion? and the fact of the matter is is kendra has her own religion right there. there is no god, the truth is finding it in ur self. that is a homade religion and the perpose of that is to define how u view the world and what ur beliefs are. not to tell other ppl they're wrong cuz they dont believe wat u do. that is a prblem and i agree religion does cause conflict, but sports cause conflict, we still play them. our gov'mt causes conflict, we stil live here. our parents cause conflict and you still love them. argument is due to misunderstanding and until u have the same beliefs theres gonna keep being arguments and those arguments are only gonna strengthen what u believe in becaue u will continue to back them up if u strongly believe them.

now about the church changing ppl: i aint gonna lie there are times i dont get diddley squat outta church and i just dont get it. and its not the church that ultimately changes ppl its who u r. when u go to church or church camp or bible school u have to make a decision that u want to change. it doesnt happen by itself. the church is defined as the people. we are the church so no one can change you but you. if u wanna see a change in other people you have to see a change in yourself first. no one is changed by the church, the church may impact their thinking and then they want to change but the choice is yours.

now the there is no god thing: heres how i see it think of a loved one that died. do u ever want to see them again? my answer would be yes. im bustin out some personal stuff here. my mom died when i was 2 years old. i only remember seein her once and its like it was yesterday i can remember what she was wearin and everything. when i was 2 she was murdered. and ever since then life was hell. my step mom and dad faught all the time with each other and us kids. they told doctors we had cystic fibrosis and i had an eating disorder. the scar on my stomache is from a feeding tube i had in for 6 years. i got beat to a pulp by my dad when he came home drunk. he'd hit me with big 2x4's smashing into a bare ass while its all ready bleeding along with swolen hands from gettin beat there 2. i watch them beat my sister over the head with a softball bat just cuz they didnt like her. i have marks all over my head from abuse and i even have a syst on my head from all of that.
and now u ask why do i believe theres a god when my mother was murdered, i was nearly beat to death, my sister was nearly beat to death to ppl i will never see again as long as i walk the earth. no one knows what its like to lose a mom like me. why would i still believe? simply this i have faith that theres a heaven and that thats where she is now watchin over me. i can only hope that she is up there. why do i believe? it gives me somethin to strive for. who knows if theres a heaven? i sure dont but i would rather live striving for heaven and find out there isnt one then live not believing  and finding out there is. you just never know. ask what have you got to lose? kendra what have u got to lose? what bad things would come out of you following god again? anyone not just kendra what if there is a god and heaven and everyone goes but you? what if there is a heaven and ur the only one that goes? to me its not worth the risk to not believe when if its true youll be happier then ever. then u ask " if theres a god why does all the bad stuff happen?" heres my answer: its only when the bad things happen that we become stronger. the bad things teach us lessons that we cant learn by ourselves. believe me i used to say the same thing. bad things also happen so we have stories to tell. in the christian community one of the most told storys his the crusifixion. 3 PEOPLE DIED!!! im sure ppl said "why did they have to die? the world sux and blah blah bla...."  but jesus died for our sins and ppl tell that story to spread the word of god. and in the same way when other bad stuff happens it gives u more knowlege of the world and another way to relate to ppl. so dont think about what sucky cards u have in ur hand think about how u can use them to win the game

can i get a halleluia?!?!?!? can i get an amen?!?!? can i get an awomen?!?!?!?

22nd-Aug-2005 03:04 pm(no subject)
this hott guy

who loves evenescence? i do!! i just thought id share. im so bored, and i havent updated in a while...iunnthink so here i am bored as hell and mad cuz im at home. i hate it when they send me home early from work! ive only worked five hours this week! and i ve worked 3 days. it kinda sux cuz im almost starting to like it and get the hang of it. i worked on thursday and i got out early and paneras called me for an interview......it was kinda weird. ive wanted to work there since i was 14!so if they wanna hire me i might end up workin at both places, that way i can buy a car, and move out when im old enough plus college and im sure as hell not gonna be doin all that workin 5 hrs a week! since everyones puttin there schedule up i figure ill put mine up to

1: ferenscics

2: world lit

3: fund. web design

5: french

6: explor: geometry

7: economics


yea skool sux but who cares. im just in there to get mine and leave! but not leave you guys! i wuuuv all of u!!!

21st-Aug-2005 11:54 am - ooops
lol... i totally forgot i was in this community lol... and i almost forgot how to post lol... im a blonde... but thats ok.

school starts soon!!! who's excited?!?! me me me me!!! i cant wait to see you guys again! much love!
20th-Aug-2005 11:14 pm(no subject)
Okay, it seems like Paul and I are the only ones who write in this community anymore. What's up with the rest of you guys? Come on, I need something to read peoples! Pleeeeeeeeze?
16th-Aug-2005 08:46 pm(no subject)
this hott guy


you've been tryin to buy this jeep wrangler. its ur favorite color, and it has a sweet sound system and everything. you go to buy it but its not for sell. so u check in every once in a while just in case. so then you find this other car.. a caviler and its for sell and it doesnt have a system and its not your favorite color but it has a cd player and its ur second favorite color. so you decide to buy the caviler. so u go and sign the papers only to find out that the person who sold u the car used 2 babysit for the owner of the jeep so they bought the jeep. so u have the new car, but you still want the jeep and u find out that they have 2 for sell so u go back and u ask to buy the other one and they say they'll call u when they decide to sell it so u sit here hopin that theyll call u so can have the jeep that u ve wanted forever frustrangry and prolly jelous since you wanted the car before them and they just walked in and got it and you dont wanna call the owners back cuz u dont want them to think ur a stalker but u do wanna call them back to show them you really wannit.....sounds like a bunch of shit huh? thats how i feel

13th-Aug-2005 11:33 am(no subject)
this hott guy
u kno.... iunno iunneven know why i bother.....its not gonna change anything and i dont really want it to. i just dont know why ppl cant seem to sit still for awhile, especially when u finally caught up with them. it just seems for example if u asked some one to push u on the swing and they finally come over to do it ur gonna stay arnt you? ur not gonna get up and play on the monkey bars? its  forkin retarded. and the most stupid part of it is im trippin over somethin this forkin stupid but i cant help it. not that u guys know what the fork im talkin bout but the person it concerns does. it just sux i try to pretend it doesnt but it does and while im happy that they are playin on the monkey bars now im left playin on the forkin swing by myself when the only reason i went to play on the swing was so i could play with the other person.........fuck it
11th-Aug-2005 10:52 am - inspired by beths entry
this hott guy
it is interesting the way things work out i was thinkin about how ppl say u cant be a christian w/o reading the bible and for the longest time thats why i stopped believing. and u know that was dumb cuz god has his own way of talkin to ppl and workin thru ppl and me for instance...u all know i have a short attention span, and i have energy right? so if god made me the way i am i dont think he necessarily is gonna tell me have to read this big book of contridictions that i wont understand. for me i think one of the ways god speaks thru me is thru beth, ive changed alot since ive gone out wit her and i like who i am now. im still BUTT NAKED dont worry. another way is thru music, even music i make speaks to me. now u might think thats bs since i rap about bein naked and lickin ma balls but its all in the music u havent heard. heres what i think " god lays down the legos, its up to u to decide what to make out of them." so u can think ur life sux and no one likes u but so do all who li ves to see such times, all u have to do is decide what to do with the time given
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